You’re a Bad Dream

The thought of you

Gives me nightmares

About a time

When I used to love you


We both rerouted
To different destinations
Neither of us were willing
To take the other’s path
Therefore we went our seperate ways
And I don’t think
Our paths will cross again


Sometimes in life
More times than not
You will go through pain
The type you’re never prepared for
And in those times
Just remember
It’s seasonal
The pain will pass
You will fall
But you will rise again


There was no exchange of words
As you walked out the door
No calls
No texts
No explanation
Left thinking back to things I might have said
Actions I may have made
Anything to push you away
But I found nothing…


The day I looked into your eyes
Was the day all of my dreams came true
They placed you in my arms
And I promised I’d always love you

Gloria, O’ Gloria

If you were still here
I’d ask you all of the things I never had the chance to
My last request
Would be asking you to run your fingers through my hair
As I fall asleep next to you one last time
If you were still here
I’d make sure to tell you just how much I love you
I’d tell you just how amazing you are
A true angel
If you were still here
Life would be so much easier
I’d still have your guidance
I’d have your smile to brighten my day
Even if it was just for one more day
Because for that day
All of my pain would disintegrate
It would turn into ash and you’d blow it away
Like the seeds of a dandelion
That have flown into the wind
Carrying every wish I made to bring you back
Just for one more hour
One more minute
Even in a dream would suffice
Just to see you one last time
Oh how I wish you were still here..


Take me back to the days
When we would laugh and play
When kissing was the start of a plague
Because our minds were too fragile
To take on the true weight of the world
Take me back to the days
When the street light was the end of our day
When our minds were stil too pure
To understand the dirt of our land
Beyond the mud we played in
Take me back to the days
When our conversations were on the kitchen phone
Getting wrapped in the cord
Talking until we heard the dial tone
Because our voices could brighten eachother’s mood
Back before technology was construed
Just take me back…

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