About me

Who is behind the writing:

Hello readers and friends, my name is Elena M. Cabrera and I am a Mexican/American writer who grew up in Sacramento, CA for the majority of my life. I am a wife and mother to my crazy, kooky, dysfunctional yet happy family… isn’t every family dysfunctional though? Anyways, my hobbies include drinking coffee (alone or with friends), reading and writing poetry, blogging, exploring the outdoors by camping, hiking, or even just trying new things at local rivers and lakes (i.e. fishing, rafting, etc..), and sometimes just binge watching shows on netflix while eating junk food and drinking water.. because BALANCE! Ok, maybe not water all the time. I have 2 children, my son Logan-Ramon and daughter Lisette. I have another son as well, that you may even catch many of my poems about, born to me as Gabriel Donovan but he was adopted and now has a new name, but I look forward to the day that he reaches out to me to become acquainted once again. And, I am married to a wonderful, amazingly supportive, musically talented husband, Ramon Cabrera. How we came to be married is story for another time.

This is my family. We are not perfect, nor are we always happy, but we are a family and I would not have it any other way. They make me a better me! They are my peace.

I began writing when I was in middle school. It started as poems about people I liked and friends. It was a way to express the things I could never physically say because I grew up being taught to say nothing… that was lesson from my father. Writing for me was an outlet. I had many battles I fought on my own due to the whole ‘say nothing’ thing . My father sexually and physically abused me. I had no other way to express how it scarred me or affected me until I began writing. It was actually a suggestion from one of the many psychologists I visited in my childhood. Even after my father was incarcerated I still could never bring myself to talk about it to a full extent. I had all these emotions and feelings bottled up just waiting to be let out. So, I decided to take the advice I was given and let the feelings flow out onto paper. It has been the biggest relief for me and my greatest passion. It healed me in ways that a doctor, medication or talking ever could. Now, I write to show others that we are not alone. I have come across so many stories and pain in poetry that has helped me get through my troubles, and now I crave and long to be that person for someone else. I just want to spread awareness and heal the way other poets have healed me with their words.

In my blog and poetry you will learn many new things about me and all of the pain, heartache, and chaos I have experienced in my life. I will write about the things I have been thorugh and what I have learned from it. I will tell you all about the effect my past has had on my relationships and what I gained from those relationships. I am going to be very open and honest. I understand if my work is not for you nor do I expect it to be for everyone. I will write about my weakest moments in life which may trigger others but I will not write to trigger. I will write to express and to prove that no one is ever alone in their pain, because there is someone, somewhere, possibly many others, experiencing the things you have had to endure and suffer through. That is my biggest message that I can’t stretch enough… You are NOT alone! I used to feel so alone and isolated myself in fear that no one would ever understand me, no one could ever really know what it’s like to go through the things I have lived through. And no, I have not been through the worst imagineable, and some of the things I have lived through I brought myself into, but I still survived and I am alive to tell my story. That is why I believe in that message so much, because there were others, even some close to me, going through things I have went through and I never even knew. So.. this is why I write. I write to show I care, because I have been there. I hope you follow me on my journey to pursue my dreams of becoming a published writer to be able to give a voice to those who can’t speak. I look forward to getting to know my readers and followers as well. Thank you for all of your support!