5 Things I Love About Winter

1) The Weather

What is better than Christmas time weather? It’s nice and cold and breezy. The perfect weather for finding a cozy blanket to sit in front of the fire with and watch Christmas-y movies! Or, it’s a great time to break in those really cute/comfy sweaters. Now, we don’t get snow where I live in California, but the weather is so nice and crisp. I have always been a fan of cold weather, actually there were times when I was little when I would run outside barefoot to dance in the middle of the street in front of my grandparents’ house while it poured down on me. Memories

The best thing is that we don’t live too far from the snow. Lake Tahoe is a really beautiful place on the border of California and Nevada. It is only about and hour and a half, maybe two hour drive with some traffic, and during the winter it SNOWS! We always try and make time for snow days. Sometimes just my husband, myself and the kids go, and other times we try and get a group of family or friends to join and we make a huge day out of it. I mean what is better than eating some tacos while having a snowball fight?

2) Hot Cocoa & Champurrado

I don’t know about you… but for me, there is just something so satisfying about drinking Hot Cocoa with marshmallows on a cold December night. It’s not the same any other month, it just feels off I try and drink some hot cocoa in May or August or even November. Hot cocoa is strictly a Christmas-y drink for me. However, I mostly LOVE when my mother-in-law makes Champurrado because she makes it just right! Sometimes it can be really thick and I am really weird about texture and consistency of foods and liquids. (If you don’t know what champurrado is, it is basically Mexican Hot Chocolate but more grainy and sweet and milky. Honestly, you have to try it to understand, because there’s also Mexican hot chocolate but it is really rich and just LOTS OF CHOCOLATE and it is not the same as Champurrado.. too much for me)

3) Shopping / DEAL$$$

I love Christmas shopping. I love testing my knowledge about what I think my loved ones will enjoy or put to good use. The best thing of all is during the winter season there are so many DEALS! And not just for Christmas! I mean have you seen the deals they have AFTER the holidays? Can you say YAAAA$$$$$$$!? I mean sweaters, winter apparel, Christmas bundles, holiday gift wrap and ornaments.. the list goes on with all the great supplies and great stuff that goes on sale during the winter. Stores want to get everything ready for spring and bring out the shorts and tank tops all while it is still raining and cold outside, can you say steal?! I think yes. And I mean, saving on lights and wrapping for next year is definitely helpful too! One last thing you need to worry about next Christmas! *wink, wink*

Can you tell I like the deals? tehehe

4) Food

I’m such a foodie, it’s probably not healthy but Lady Gaga said it best... I was born this way. But, can we take a minute and give thanks to all of the wonderful food that usually only hits the stove top come Winter time? Especially being in a Latin family, you learn certain foods only come around a few times a year and there are seasons for different food types. Like soups! During wintertime, all the good soups come back to life, and in turn bring me back to life. Posole, Menudo, Caldo de Pollo, I mean YUMMM! Add in your toppings like lime, onions, cilantro and you are keeping your insides nice and warm on a cold winter day. Oh and winter, technically Christmas, is TAMALE season! If you don’t like tamales you have not had the right ones.. just saying. All in all, Winter is wonderful for all the warm treats that come along with it!

5) Christmas

Last but not least, my favorite part of the Winter season is Christmas. I love all things Christmas, from what it signifies to the decorations to the feelings it brings, Christmas is just a warm holiday. I always thought I would hate Christmas after my grandparents passed away because that was what made it the greatest time of all, but instead I have even more love for Christmas because it reminds me of all of the love and joy that I grew up with during the holiday season. I feel like Christmas brings a sense of peace and joy. I feel closer to my family even if we are far apart. I make time to wish them a “Merry Christmas” so they know even apart, we are still family and that they are always in my heart. And, I’m a giver and love to give to everyone if I can so Christmas allows me to give to all my loved ones. Sometimes I don’t always have enough money to get everyone a gift, but I do love to make Christmas great for my kids and spoil them with all of their wishes, just as my grandparents did for me.

And that’s all folks, those are all the things I love about Winter. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have an awesome Holiday! I probably won’t write next week, but I may try! If not, Have a wonder Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! See you all in 2020 where I wish to have much more in store for you all! And please remember, BE SAFE!

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