Update: Halloween 2019

What the plan was:

Halloween fell on a Thursday this month so of course we have our daily weekday routine to accomplish. We were planning on going trick-or-treating early since Halloween ends so early now-a-days. So, Dad and I go to work, daughter goes to daycare and Logan to school then to daycare. I get off work at 4:30 and Dad at 5:00. The issue with this is I work about 30 mins from our house and Dad works about 45-1hr away from the house, sometimes longer if there is bad traffic (which there was). I packed the kids’ costumes so they could change at daycare, we were going to drive home after daycare and wait for Dad to get home and leave right away to head to my aunt’s part of town because she always does her house up and loves seeing the kiddos. I figured getting home and waiting for Dad would allow the kids to eat a quick bite, if they hadn’t ate at daycare (hit or miss with my kids’ appetites and pickiness), or we would grab something on the way to my aunt’s house. This was the plan. This is what I had prepared for. Boy, was I in for a trick-or-treat, if you catch my drift..

What actually happened:

I work in a call center. I have a set schedule but if I get a call and I do not complete my call before the end of my shift, I have to stay to complete the call. Of course when I have everything planned out I get a call last minute and end up staying 15-20 mins over my regular shift. No biggie.. So then I am just on a small crunch since their daycare provider ask I come as soon as possible as she has kids too and is planning on going early since the kids have school the next day and candy runs out FAST. So I did my best to make it on time to daycare and did pretty good on time. Then, we come to find out my daughter’s costume has a huge hole in it as the seams came undone. No biggie.. we will just put a safety pin to keep it together. We head on our way home and when we get home I find out my son had not done his homework at daycare therefore he had to get that done before we go or else we will end up getting home late and he won’t be able to do his homework because he’ll most likely be asleep from all the walking. Brush it off… It’s no big deal he can do his homework while eating so he will be done and ready when daddy gets home. My mother-in-law also sewed my daughter’s costume back together so she didn’t have to walk around with a safety pin that kind-of hid the hole.

Daddy finally got home after enduring more traffic than anticipated, Logan was just about done with homework and Lisette’s costume was just about finished. Of course Dad needed to use the bathroom though. So everyone gets done and we are down to just waiting on Dad who finally finishes up and now we are far behind schedule. It’s 7:15 and usually everyone stops handing out candy at about 8:00-9:00. We start heading out the door when my daughter Lisette (age 3) stopped and said “I need to go potty” and it was not the fast kind. When we finally got out of the house and in the car it was 7:45. There was no point in driving to my aunt’s since it was about a 30 min drive without traffic. I was over it so I let my Husband decide what we should do. He came up with the idea to go downtown where they usually do it big and trick-or-treat there. Because they do it up so big, it is always so hard finding parking and a previous year took us 45mins-1hour to find parking so I didn’t think it would be a good idea. My husband insisted he could find fast parking and that it was fairly close so why not?

When we get to our destination it was just as I expected. It was still packed but houses were turning lights off and running out of candy. We still had trouble finding parking and took about 20mins or so. Not as bad but now it’s 8:15 and we are running out of time. We finally find parking and hit the streets where we only were able to hit 3 streets, left and right sides, before the kids got exhausted. Each street only had about 5-7 houses still passing out candy. We had missed it all. But I wasn’t upset with the amount of candy the kids got, seeing as I cut back and they don’t need buckets full anyways. I was still so frustrated and upset that we didn’t get to give the kids a better halloween.

I got over it. The kids still had fun and I was focusing more on the details and scheduling than the actual activity and all around satisfaction. The kids had a great time and got enough candy to make them happy. They were definitely tired, but overall satisfied.

Nothing ever goes as planned in our family, I should be used to this by now, but it always ends up being a good time. One thing my mom always said “Life would be boring if we were normal” and she is right about that.. I have learned to let things happen on their own because apparently I cannot control everything as much as I want to. Halloween 2019 was definitely one for the books in regards to “most exhausting holiday” but was worth it in the end. My kids looked great, felt great, and got all the candy their hearts desired. I even got to snap a few pics!

I said I would update so here it is. A little late, but I didn’t forget. Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Update: Halloween 2019

  1. Wonderful story baby girl. I think parents worry too much because we want the best for our kids. It’s the little things that ultimately make them happy. You guys are doing a great job! Love you!


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