Happy Halloween 2019!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! I love getting dressed up, going out to trick or treat, and hanging out with my family and friends. Even as an adult, I still love getting done up (even just a little bit) and having some spooky, magical, creative fun. I am not a big fan of haunted houses, though, because I am a huge scaredy cat. I feel like that black cat with the back arched up, hair sticking straight up with claws out and screaming bloody murder whenever I have tried to push myself to go through one. So haunted houses, not on my list of favorite things about halloween.

In 2018 Logan and Lisette were Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Lisette was the cutest little Mario with her little mustache

Now as a parent, it’s a whole different ball park. I now have to focus on multiple costumes and guiding little humans to the candy. I can’t just get myself ready and run house to house carelessly anymore. Now, I have to make sure my kids don’t get trampled by the bigger kids and teens running around high on sugar. But, one of the greatest feelings is seeing the biggest smiles on my kids’ faces when they run up to each door and come back with more candy than before. They are filled with so much joy and overwhelmed with happiness (because, of course, CANDY) and they just can’t control their excitement. Sometimes I even have to pick up my daughter to walk her to the next house because she will just stare into her candy bag just in shock of how much candy she has. I absolutely LOVE it! And I love candy too.

Last year, a young man loved Logan’s costume so much he kept talking and testing Logan to see if he really knew who Luigi was and then asked Logan to do the Luigi spin. When Logan did it, the kid thought it was the coolest thing and he gave Logan a high five. Then, he was just so amazed he asked Logan to do it again and when Logan did it the kid gave him $5.00.

-Highlight of Halloween 2018

I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled Halloween night whether you are going out trick-or-treating, staying in watching horror films, having a Halloween party, or passing out candy. Happy Halloween 2019! I would love to know what some of you will be. Drop a comment of your 2019 costumes and let me know how you spend your halloween night! I will be out trick or treating with my kiddos! Happy Halloween everyone!

Here are some pics from our Halloween 2018! Enjoy!

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